R.I.P Paul Albert Harper

I first met Paul in his hometown of Chico, CA in the early 2000’s. I was touring with my band at the time Atari Champ. We played a show with his band History Invades and it was an instant connection. Friendship at first sight! It was meeting guys like Paul who inspired me to start Love The Captive.
I will never forget the day we met…beers, in-n-out, nintendo and long talks about music and baseball. I feel in love with him and his music. He was one of those guys who could play any instrument and was an amazing songwriter.
Music lives forever, R.I.P Paul Harper…

In the song “Call me mint jelly ’cause I’m on the lamb” Paul sings a line that has always stuck with me for some reason,”Its all so frightening, we ride the lightning.” These lyrics inspired me to design the Love The Captive logo.

-Johnny Q

Listen: History Invades – Call me mint jelly ’cause I’m on the lamb

its all so frightening, we ride the lightning