Show Review: Strange Vine // Cuckoo Chaos // Fierce Creatures

I was very eager to see these 3 bands last night. Here’s why!

These 3 bands have been hitting the road a lot lately.
When a band tours, they get better. The road aka “tour life”
can drastically change your band, for the good and sometimes the bad.

Fierce Creatures opened the show and played without Singer/Percussionist Amanda Valdez,
which forced the band to step it up a bit. The band played solid…but, something was missing vocally.
Was it the absence of Amanda? or is it time for Mathr to start mastering his voice?
I’ve known Mathr for a long time, his progress as a vocalist keeps getting better and better.
I’m pretty sure by the end of this year, we’ll see a different side of him as a vocalist.
Looking forward to that!

Cuckoo Chaos was the perfect bridge between Fierce Creatures and Strange Vine.
Dancy, abstract, and very clear sounds. You can hear each instrument very distinct.
They had their shit dialed in.
I saw Cuckoo Chaos for the first time last year at Audie’s Olympic.
I instantly became a fan of Cuckoo Chaos.
They have that back-beat (afro-beat) groove that i love in bands,
mixed with tasty bass lines and very tactful guitar riffs.
I was a fan of them before i even heard them, really.
Their drummer, Dave, is an old friend. I used to work with one of his former bands.
The band has grown so much since the last time i saw them.
It always nice to see old pals still pursuing their dreams. Keep at it!

Strange Vine hit the stage pretty late for a Wednesday night. I think it was around 11:45pm.
Time didn’t matter to the crowd, the packed house stuck around to watch SV do the damn thing!
And boy did they! Their set was an emotional roller coaster. I wanted to scream, laugh, cry, and dance.
Instead, i watched and admired. But, something was different for them last night.
Perhaps their going through an emotional roller coaster themselves.
Toby (Vocalist/Guitarist) and his wife are due any day now,
as Toby mentioned from the stage last night.
Note: Toby’s wife Maiko was in attendance with her mother who’s in town from Japan.
Note 2: This show was brought to you by “Sleepless Booking.” (Ian from Strange Vine). Promoter love!

Being in a band is tough and touring is even tougher.
You have no idea how much bands appreciate you people that come out to shows.
If you support live music in Fresno, continue to do so, for as long as you can.
And when you feel like giving up. DON’T!


Jackson from Cuckoo Chaos doing some after show reading. Photo: Jason Griggs