RECAP: TYCHO @ Tower Theatre

Fresno had the pleasure of enjoying a 2 hour set from Tycho (Scott Hansen) at the Tower Theatre. The show was fantastic! The sound was perfect, great visuals, and the crowd was pumped! This was the first stop of the tour, which ends in mid-July.  I was joined by Nick from Shredworthy, and @TheyGrowth. He took the awesome pictures you see below.

The band started off by playing an hours worth of older songs, and rarities. They ended with an hours worth of new songs + an encore. I sat and stood 5 rows back and enjoyed every minute. The band was tight and played great together. I kept imagining a drummer like DARU JONES on drums though. Adding some waves of soul will separate Tycho from the pack and take them to the next level (just my opinion). Scott, did a wonderful job of keeping the crowd engaged and eventually encourage us to come forward and dance. I would love to see them again at the end of this tour. The road has a special way of bringing bands together. Safe travels, Tycho!

Tycho 1tycho 2 tycho 3 tycho 4 tycho 4 tycho 5 tycho 6